Camping in France

Can you buy a used hot tub for a camping holiday home ?

If you have taken the decision to buy a hot tub for your camping holiday home then, opt for to have the best used hot tubs for sale.Get one one for benefit from certain advantages from your hot tub as if itw as a new one :


Hydromassage or hydrotherapy also can be how to share moments of relaxation with family or friends. The Spas selected by Direct Spa are a concentrate of Technologies dedicated to Well-being, Relaxation and Relaxation. Our spas guarantee you quality massages because of perfectly designed hydraulics. far better than a spa bath or a whirlpool bath, our spas are particularly massaging!

Realise your dream

Having your private jacuzzi is an accessible dream to ideally relax because of Direct spa! with none comparison to an inflatable spa, a transportable spa offers real massage jets, it's by no means an easy bathtub . you'll find included in our spas and in our jacuzzis real hydrojets of massage which will be qualified of therapeutic quality, which additionally to the body care will provide you with muscular massages, well-being and a health benefit without comparison.

Get the best advice ever

Choosing your spa or jacuzzi requires advice from real professionals. The sale of spas is our only activity, we've a good choice, and that we will assist you choose the perfect spa whether it's for the installation of an outside jacuzzi, a swim spa (micro pool for swimming against -current), a balneotherapy spa. We don't offer any inflatable spa, whether or not they are an intex brand or not, although they're very easy to put in , they are doing not offer a massaging jet but in particular simple bubbles, and don't offer the advantages of massages or the development of blood circulation. Their fragility causes structural repairs and frequent loss of inflation. this sort of spa, which is usually round or octagonal, is certainly not like a transportable spa which also features a real high-performance spa cover.

Camping Holiday

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