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Discover the Principality of Monaco during your Mediterranean Luxury Cruise

Visiting the Principality of Monaco for the holidays is a precious dream for many of us. The best way to do so is certainly to book a cruising yacht or a luxury cruise ship which proposes a stopover there. Monaco will seduce you by its unique living environment and its range of exceptional activities. This prestigious European city-state is used to welcome the world’s most important and rich personalities.

Monaco and Luxury Cruising

In 2012, the Principality of Monaco decided to maximize its economic benefit by giving priority to receiving prestigious cruise ships which mainly carry visitors with high purchasing power. The country welcomes all types of outstanding boats and yachts in Port Hercule, the only port in the Côte d’Azur that can receive the biggest cruising ships with its 300 meters semi-floating seawall. Monaco is, then, the location of the most luxurious yachting in Europe where wealthy yachtsmen meet. But as a tourist, you can always opt for a luxury yacht rental Monaco and enjoy the royal atmosphere for a couple of days.

French Riviera Cruising, a Stopover in Monaco is a Must

With a surface area of only 2 Km², Monaco is the second smallest independent state on the planet. It is therefore normal that its port is also quite small. To help you figure out the harbor’s size, it could easily integrate into Central Park, in New York. But despite the size, Monaco has built an international reputation as one of the best, if not the very best cruise stop in the Mediterranean. The state certainly owes its prestigious image to the Grimaldi Family and the royal fantasies they cause. When Monaco is included in a cruise itinerary, the first things that come in mind are the Formula 1 Grand Prix, the Monte Carlo Casino, royalty, Grace Kelly and billionaires, but a stopover there will certainly take you further than your expectations.

What to Do during Your Cruise Stop in Monaco?

There has always been an enormous popular interest for the Grimaldi royal Family, particularly since Prince Rainier III married the American movie icon Grace Kelly in 1956. While in Monaco, enjoy a royal experience by visiting the State Apartments in the Prince's Palace, situated in the heights of territory. Be on time at 11:55 AM to attend the daily ceremony that marks the shift of the royal guards. Not far from there, you can visit the legendary Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, founded in 1910 by Prince Albert I. It is equipped with a giant aquarium where sharks and other exotic fishes interweave in an enchanting ballet. From the sea world to the land world, it is only a short step so you can go admire the green Exotic Garden, known for its exceptional collection of cactus. Do not forget to picture every corner of the place with your camera, the breathtaking sea view and the Italian Riviera.

The wonderful Monte Carlo

This part of the city-state is full of marvels every tourist wishes to visit at least once in a lifetime. Monte Carlo, the place of residence for the royalty during centuries, is also home to luxury hotels and a prestigious casino. It welcomes the Formula 1 Grand Prix every year. The region is rich in history, culture and beauty. So, make sure that your cruise includes a visit in this special place where daily life rhymes with luxury and comfort. Many yachts rental agency can help you find the perfect yacht for you.

Top 4 Royal Attractions to Be Visited in Monaco

The monarchy of the French Riviera has one of the highest per capita incomes in the world and has become a symbol of glamour since early 20th century. Monaco attracts jet-setters from all over the world and many upper-class tourists. So, why not pay a visit to those 4 legendary royal places during your cruise stop in the rich city and experience a royal life for a moment?

  1. The Palace of Monaco

The royal family conquered the Prince’s Palace in 1297 and has held it since the 17th century as Sovereign Princes. The palace is situated on the top of the Monaco Rock and beautifully overhangs the Mediterranean Sea. It was built in 1191 as a medieval fortress. And if your cruise trip in planned between June and September, you will be able to visit some parts of it.

  1. Monaco Ports and Beach

In fact, the Principality of Monaco has two marina harbors that can accommodate vessels of different size: the Port Hercule and the Port of Fontvieille. A walk through these ports will transport you into the opulence of the rich people. There, luxury yachts can be seen. And not far from the ports, you can spend some precious times in the clear and beautiful Larvatto sandy beach.

  1. Monaco’s Notre-Dame Immaculée Cathedral

This majestic Roman-Byzantine style religious building was finished in 1903. It is situated Monaco-Ville, the heart of the city-state. It is home to most of the princes’ tombs like Rainier III and Grace Kelly.

  1. The Historic Downtown of Monaco-Ville

The narrow streets and the old alleys of the oldest part of Monaco house several shops and restaurants to the great pleasure of the tourists who want to purchase things at lower prices than in Monte Carlo’s luxury boutiques. Monaco-Ville also has some colorful gardens and interesting museums.

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