Camping in France

Eating well on holiday

When we travel, our reference points are sometimes more blurred, especially when it comes to restaurants, etc. On holiday, if there is one thing we hate, it falls directly into the "tourist" trap. And restaurants are often the scene of this kind of activity in tourist hypercentres. More informations : . We provide you with some basic methods to locate the small normal address that will make your trip a success!

How to choose the best restaurant?

All gourmands will tell you, a coherent, simple and neat menu is the manifestation of the cuisine. There are many panels on this menu that will allow you to distinguish between "good" and "bad" restaurants: prevent expansion cards translated into six languages, with photos of dishes and tourist menus. To enjoy, discover Stays oenology provence. Stickers stuck, plasticised and yellowed on cards or scratches on previous prices are signs of a "poor" restaurant. Prefer ephemeral cards written on slates in which today's dishes are stored. Before choosing your restaurant, observe it from the outside. Evaluate the facade and interior/exterior furniture that must be clean and in good condition. What about customer tables. Or even very useful to get a basic knowledge of cooking.

What is the restaurant with an all-you-can-eat buffet?

An all-you-can-eat buffet is a theory of catering that consists in preparing dishes offered in a place (all-you-can-eat restaurant) where customers serve themselves and can decide for themselves which dishes and quantities they can eat. In general, unlimited formulations have been adjusted in exchange for a specific price: for a relatively small amount (often equal to the price of an à la carte dish), you have unlimited access to a wide range of dishes. Because possible, for a small amount, to consume without constraint of amount before the belly breaks, the principle is therefore tempting! It is also a way, because the cost of the buffets is lower than the price of the à la carte menu. It's a fantastic idea to choose a restaurant.

Discover France landscape

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